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…a simply beautiful video…

From the folks at purple feather When I first saw this I just couldn’t wait to see what had been written. Such a small change can have a profound effect. A simple act can have expanding effects that can change … Continue reading

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A Visit to Heaven

  A protestant pastor visits a Catholic Seminary and finds it a lot like a A Visit to Heaven.  So what did he find: I found men who love Jesus with a passion and wholeness that I find rare among … Continue reading

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The Inalienable Right to Life.

I stood in front of the Supreme Court today for about 3 hours, watching a constant stream of people of every size, shape, color and age march by – there were thousands, no tens of thousands. They were singing , … Continue reading

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Apple and the end of the American Dream

 A scary read on the future of the American middle class. This article is a bit long, but highlights two important things. First, it is hard to compete with ‘slave’ labor. The volume of workers available to Chinese industry is … Continue reading

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Never waste a good Crisis!

So a missionary friend writes and says he believes this year ‘everything that can be shaken will be shaken’ (a quote from Hebrews.) Well I say bring it on. Never waste a good Crisis. And of course GKC has some … Continue reading

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Comment to the Manassas School Board 1/10/12

Here is a written version of the comments I gave during Citizen’s time at the first Manassas City School Board meeting of 2012: Good evening. My name is Rick Bookwalter. I am a resident, voter, and taxpayer here in our … Continue reading

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Are you Educated?

“the stuff I learned as a college freshman, most people I know have never even heard of,” son #4 while reviewing a text of metaphysics.

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