Never waste a good Crisis!

gkc-caricature-199x300So a missionary friend writes and says he believes this year ‘everything that can be shaken will be shaken’ (a quote from Hebrews.) Well I say bring it on. Never waste a good Crisis. And of course GKC has some very good advice for all of us…This is from one of my favorite blogs. And you can never go wrong with Chesterton. My God rest his soul!

“One of the best Catholic pieces of the new year: G.K. Chesterton and the Art of Living Well in a Time of Crisis. It’s by a recent Catholic convert, and we all know that converts are brilliant folk. The writer boils down the GKC attitude to four things: humor, self-deprecation, transcendental joy that transcends immanent crisis, and emphasizing the Gospel instead of the world’s skepticism. Those are good ideas. Long-time readers of TDE know that I’m something of a skeptic myself. I even have a notebook dedicated to reflections of a Christian skeptic, but some things shine through ignorance, and GKC had a sure grasp of those things.”

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