The Inalienable Right to Life.

I stood in front of the Supreme Court today for about 3 hours, watching a constant stream of people of every size, shape, color and age march by – there were thousands, no tens of thousands. They were singing , praying, talking , laughing , crying – what an amazing display. The weather was damp and cold but their spirits were not. They were there because they love Life, especially the life of the smallest and weakest among us.

Nearby were a few folks who disagreed. Just a handful, but they were there. My good wife, always one eager to help  a wayward soul, struck  up a conversation with one of those young women. They talked for 20 minutes or more, with my 14 and 12 year-old listening. I did not overhear the conversation, but watched a transformation  in this young women from a hard, stern combatant to a thoughtful, open listener, as she was challenged by the gracious logic and compassionate reasoning of my dear wife. I do not know how much this young woman’s heart was changed, but I do know Truth well sown does not lie dormant.

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