Hittin’ the Books

Classes have ended, Finals are over, and the Grades are in. I have just finished my first college course in 30 years, Intro to Computer Technology at Northern Virginia Community College. I took the class with two of my sons, one a freshman and one a sophomore. I have to say I had a grand time, and the boys were generous and never complained about having ol’ Dad in class. College is certainly nothing like it was when I started at Penn State back in the late 70’s. Everything is done online, even during the class lecture. You could do the whole course and never break out a pen or paper. Seems like a normal thing to expect in a computer class, but I just couldn’t help myself. I always had a notebook and pen handy. It was a bit challenging getting to class every Tuesday night with my work schedule, but it was worth the effort. I really learned quite a bit. Our professor, Terry Torry, was outstanding to work with. And the time spent with the boys each evening after each class was worth ten times the tuition.

If you have never been over to NOVA, give it a try. It is a great little resource right in our backyard. Oh, and my final grade – 99.18%. I know, lots of room for improvement! Try to keep up boys.

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