Manassas City School Board had a Busy Night.

Tonight’s meeting of the Manassas City School Board at city hall was a bit eventful. The bids for the new Baldwin school came in, and they are 30% over budget. The MCPS staff presented new plans to get that number down, and are putting out another request for bids based on these new plans this week. Looks like a lot more trailers in addition to a new Baldwin to replace the old one. I know the old Baldwin is not a palace, but tearing it down and replacing it with bunch of trailers does not seem like a good plan. Did I mention the original plan was 30% over budget? Someone is not doing their homework. When School Board member Ellen Purdy questioned the new Capital Improvement Plan estimates and their origin, she was shouted down by Chairman Demeria, saying, “…we discussed that for 45 minutes last Saturday, this is beating a dead horse!” Seems more of a discussion might have been in order, considering the serious budgeting errors. After all, the School Board leadership heavily campaigned the City Council for the money for the new Baldwin. I think they too, as well as the taxpayers,  might be interested in some answers to Ms. Purdy’s questions.
The meeting ended with the resignation of School Board member Ilka Chavez, effective immediately. Ms. Chavez has been a hard-working School Board member for 2 ½ years, but due to personal reasons is unable to continue her service to the City. Chairman Demeria announced that the School Board will appoint a new member to serve until a special election can be held in November 2015. For anyone interested, resumes are due 2 February to the Clerk of the Board, with an appointment on or about  17 February. Just in time for budget season!

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2 Responses to Manassas City School Board had a Busy Night.

  1. GMan says:

    I nominate Rick Bookwalter for the School Board special appointment. He takes an active interest and is concerned with Manassas City educational issues. He’s my choice.

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gman. I am considering it.

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