The Stuff of Life

Call_the_MidwifeI’m just going to say it plainly. I know more about the business end of having babies than any man (excepting doctors) should. Besides my personal experience of attending all nine of our children’s births, I support my wife in her very active role as a childbirth educator and Doula. Babies are what she does, and being she is my favorite person in the world …let’s just say I have a lot of exposure. Fortunately, she likes me too, so much in fact that when we get a break, I really do get to hold the TV remote. Of late though, she has been complaining of my choices (which is a whole other story) and has been asking to watch the BBC series Call the Midwife. Why is she asking me you say; why doesn’t she just watch it on her own? Well she wants to watch it with me. Beside her. The. Whole. Time.

So I did. This weekend we watched the first three episodes. Gentlemen, if you’re still reading, this is your warning. You will be mesmerized and bedazzled by some of the finest television made today. This is one realistic human tale with some of the most intrepid characters you will ever see. Breaking Bad, no comparison… Walking Dead, pshaw. This is no fancy made up fable, this is the stuff of life, real and gritty. And so well done you will be in astonishment. You have been warned. Enjoy.


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2 Responses to The Stuff of Life

  1. Parveen says:

    Nicely put Rick, I couldn’t agree more. We watch it together, Andy’s a huge fan. It’s sometimes a little harrowing for me to watch, the joyful moments make me weep too! Makes me a little bit pleased to be a British midwife and deeply thankful for the many blessings of this calling! 🙂

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