No News is Good News

For almost a year I have purposely been avoiding the news of current events, avoiding all major and alternative news media outlets, and since Ash Wednesday have disengaged from almost all social media. I have learned a few things so far. First, it is hard to get away from-and not just because of the long habit of engaging it. The Media is everywhere and actively pursuing my attention. Even after the habit is broken, and any interest fleeting, I am still surrounded by it shouting at me.

Second, I found I am really not missing anything. Much like a daytime TV drama, in which you can watch one episode every six months and be all caught up, the continuous swirl of angst and ennui that is called News can be safely ignored without loss. In fact, one of the dangers of the MSM is that by consuming it you begin to believe that you are actually informed about what is going on in the world.

Third, I have much more time. Social media consumes time and numbs thought-and vise versa. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are great for pictures of the grand babies and tips for gardening or woodworking, but other than that I am glad to heed the warning of Robot to Will Robinson…

Finally, pursuing this course has brought more peace of mind, which in turn has aided clarity of thought and sincerity of prayer. My soul is so much more quiet. It’s almost as if I know more about what’s really going on than ever. Maybe I do.

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