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Don’t Mess with Texas

Just saw this sign at a Mall in Houston. I guess they are not interested in your business if you don’t mind your manners. I also saw three uniformed security guards on patrol in the Mall. I wonder if they … Continue reading

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Chores, Chickens, and the PSA(Police State of America)

Seems like every day the evidence is mounting that our freedoms as American citizens are rapidly going away. Today’s instance is the Department of Labor’s newest planned update to the Child Labor Laws. Seem that children working on the family … Continue reading

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The Once and Future American Empire

Here is a suggestion that is out of the box thinking, or perhaps better said out of this world thinking. Since this country is going broke in its seeming attempt to dominate the world, the folks over at zerohedge suggest we should … Continue reading

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Apple and the end of the American Dream

 A scary read on the future of the American middle class. This article is a bit long, but highlights two important things. First, it is hard to compete with ‘slave’ labor. The volume of workers available to Chinese industry is … Continue reading

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