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Manassas City School Board had a Busy Night.

Tonight’s meeting of the Manassas City School Board at city hall was a bit eventful. The bids for the new Baldwin school came in, and they are 30% over budget. The MCPS staff presented new plans to get that number … Continue reading

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Hittin’ the Books

Classes have ended, Finals are over, and the Grades are in. I have just finished my first college course in 30 years, Intro to Computer Technology at Northern Virginia Community College. I took the class with two of my sons, … Continue reading

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Why the School Board Elections Really Matter

I was talking to friend of mine at yesterday’s parish festival, and a comment he made stopped me short. We were discussing this Tuesday’s Manassas City elections, and he said that the City Council elections were what was really important. The … Continue reading

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Do We Need the Department of Education?

Charles Murray discusses the Constitutionality, Necessity, and Effectiveness of this massive federal institution. DANGER…serious political incorrectness ahead…here.

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A Visit to Heaven

  A protestant pastor visits a Catholic Seminary and finds it a lot like a A Visit to Heaven.  So what did he find: I found men who love Jesus with a passion and wholeness that I find rare among … Continue reading

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