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No News is Good News

For almost a year I have purposely been avoiding the news of current events, avoiding all major and alternative news media outlets, and since Ash Wednesday have disengaged from almost all social media. I have learned a few things so … Continue reading

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Bucket List

My wife and I talk a lot about getting older. We married young, I was 23 she 21, and have been busy with family the last 30+ years. Many of my children are grown and gone; my youngest turns 13 … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Life

I’m just going to say it plainly. I know more about the business end of having babies than any man (excepting doctors) should. Besides my personal experience of attending all nine of our children’s births, I support my wife in … Continue reading

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As I look around, there is nothing I can see that is not someday going back to God. God will take everything back from me, my health, energy, and vitality, all that I am. Except one thing; the one thing … Continue reading

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An All American Memorial to an All American Hero

A friend recently posted a definition of a hero, “…A hero isn’t the man who “believes in himself” and thereby conquers — a hero is a man who forgets himself in the service of others.” I am not sure I … Continue reading

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Hittin’ the Books

Classes have ended, Finals are over, and the Grades are in. I have just finished my first college course in 30 years, Intro to Computer Technology at Northern Virginia Community College. I took the class with two of my sons, … Continue reading

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Chores, Chickens, and the PSA(Police State of America)

Seems like every day the evidence is mounting that our freedoms as American citizens are rapidly going away. Today’s instance is the Department of Labor’s newest planned update to the Child Labor Laws. Seem that children working on the family … Continue reading

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